Maths and English Tuition for Primary-age children

Strong Maths and English skills set a foundation for a child’s transition to Key Stage 3, and it’s important that any gaps in their learning are filled in to give them the best start possible.

As an experienced teacher, I know that with a full class of pupils it’s not always possible to make sure every child is at the same level, and not every child may fully grasp a particular area before the teacher has to move on.

On top of this, each child has their own individual way of learning and with a classroom full it’s not always possible to cater to every child’s needs. This is not to downplay the role of the teacher or deny them the credit they are due, it’s simply the realities of the education system.

But as a teacher myself I’ve found that working with external tutors can be really beneficial to not just plug the gaps in any learning, but also to boost their self esteem and confidence.

Building Confidence

I think it’s important to uncover each child’s preferred style of learning and tap into this to help them understand not only the subject, but why it’s important and how it applies to every day life.

My goal with all my children is to encourage a passion and hunger for learning that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their life and help boost their confidence, not only with the subjects that we work on together, but with their ability to learn in general.

It’s so important that each child feels confident in their ability to learn and has a positive self image. Unfortunately, feeling left behind or sensing that they’ve been labelled or categorised as ‘slow’ can be really damaging and they can begin to take on this role by default.

Some well-placed extra curricular help to bring them up in any areas that are not so strong can help them unlock their own ability. Many times it can be as simple as finding a learning style that suits them or encouraging the passion for learning that has been numbed by previous negative experiences.