Tuition for Years 1 to 6

I tutor years 1 to 6 helping them with whatever they need to work on, from learning to read and improving their writing, to learning their times tables and fractions. Every child learns at a different pace, and what we’ll work on depends on where they’re at and which areas need work. I am willing to work with any child at any level, so feel free to get in touch about your specific child’s requirements.

The preparation for the transition to KS3 can sometimes be daunting. Some will require help to pass their 11+ exams as well as SAT revision. I am fully qualified to teach KS2 and therefore willing to help in any area I can.

There are many different circumstances for the reasons as to why a child may need tuition – from catching up, to filling in missing gaps. It is also not unusual to be worried about the transition between KS1 and KS2, and although I can tell you that there is nothing to worry about, it is not always enough to be reassured by being told! Therefore some extra tuition during the holidays can be really beneficial to both the child and their parents!